Antec Has Released the Signature 80 PLUS Platinum and Titanium Power Supply


Antec has announced that it's Signature Series, Platinum, and Titanium PSU models will be available at the beginning of May and feature three different variants, a 1000-Watt Platinum, a 1300-Watt Platinum, and a 1000-Watt Titanium model. These power supplies make use of Japanese capacitors, which allows these power supplies to have a low ripple and low noise while still maintaining tight voltage regulation.

Antec has announced the Signature Series Platinum and Titanium models, which have a total of three models ranging from a 1000-watt model to a 1300-watt model

Antec's Signature Series Platinum and Titanium models that feature OC Link, Fully modular, 100% Heavy-Duty Japanese Capacitors, and 80 PLUS Platinum certification. These power supplies have a fantastic feature for high-end systems being the OC Link, which allows users to connect two power supplies to work in tandem, and this means that these power supplies can power even the most demanding systems.

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These power supplies feature a fully modular design, allows users to unplug any cables that the system may not be using. This feature allows for both a cleaner overall PC interior and for better airflow inside the case by not having extra cables.

The Signature Series, Platinum, and Titanium models utilize top-grade Japanese capacitors, which allow these power supplies to offer an unprecedented tight voltage regulation while maintaining a very low ripple and noise to maximize the performance provided by these power supplies. These top-grade capacitors alongside the Phasewave design allow these power supplies to be 80 PLUS Platinum certification. This certification states that these power supplies will maintain up to 89% efficiency at the 100% load, while at 20% load, these power supplies will maintain up to 90% efficiency.

To cool these fantastic power supplies is a 135 mm silent fan that features incredibly quiet operation and makes use of a fluid dynamic bearing that allows these power supplies to provide both durability and fantastic longevity. These fans also feature a Zero RPM mode that ensures a longer-lasting and quieter system using thermal sensors to keep the fan off unless the power supply begins to heat up.

For pricing, the 1000-watt Platinum model priced at $229.99, a 1300-watt Platinum model is priced at $269.99, and the 1000-watt Titanium model is priced at $279.99.