SilverStone Announces the SX1000: The First 1000 Watt PSU In SFX-L Form Factor


Silverstone has announced the SX1000, which utilizes not a fully modular design but also uses the SFX-L form factor. This power supply is the world's first SFX-L form factor, which features a 1,000-watt capacity and is fully compliant with ATX 2.4 and EPS specifications. The SX1000 Power supply also features 80 PLUS platinum certification, which reduces the wasted heat and saves on electricity.

Silverstone Announces the world's first SFX-L power supply to offer up to 1000-watts of power

The SX1000 Power supply features a simple black design. It uses an ultra-quest 120 mm fan, which uses intelligent RPM control to guarantee cool performance and maintain a near-silent operation. The installed fan features a fanless mode, which stops the fan if the PSU's workload reaches as low as 20%. The installed fan uses a dual ball bearing allowing for both a large amount of reliability alongside the near-silent operation.

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Source: Silverstone

The SX1000 is the world's first SFX-L power supply to feature a capacity of 1000-watts, which enables a much more powerful PC to be built in more compact PC cases.

This power supply features high-quality construction, which is provided by the high-quality Japanese capacitors. These capacitors enable this power supply to receive the 80 PLUS platinum certification; this certification ensures that at a 50% workload, the power supply will have a 92% efficiency.

The SX1000 power supply features a powerful single +12V rail design ensuring that any future upgrades are supported. This +12V rail design, when paired with the 1000-watt power capacity, makes this power supply perfect for any PC builder that enjoys upgrading their system regularly.

Source: Silverstone

This power supply also features a fully modular cable design and comes with flat cables; the modular cable design allows users to utilize a short cable kit, which can drastically reduce the extra cabling inside a PC case. This reduction of extra cabling within the PC case is more important with compact PC cases when compared to ATX ore Mini-ATX PC cases. The flat cables also work best for tighter folding and much easier management of cables.

Silverstone has yet to announce when the world's first SFX-L form factor will be available for purchase or the price for the SX1000.