Angry Birds Star Wars Release Nears As Teaser Trailer Comes Out


There are not many iOS games that have become worldwide phenomenons. Angry Birds is one such game that has literally taken the whole world by storm. It was released initially only for iOS devices, but now this game is available on almost every platform be it desktop or mobile. Only recently is was revealed that Angry Birds Star Wars release is going to take place soon. Needless to say, lovers of this franchise are more than excited.

Angry Birds Star Wars is the latest addition to this insanely popular franchise. There is a possibility that this game is going to be a huge hit on all of the platforms that it will be made available for. This game is a union between Angry Birds and Star Wars. While there may be disagreement over the former, but seriously, who doesn't like Star Wars?

Rovio first revealed that Angry Birds Star Wars release was fast approaching when it took to its official Tumblr to post a GIF. The news quickly spread online. A couple of days after that Rovio officially announced the game and released some toys first at the Toys R Us Store in Times Square, New York. A Lucasfilm executive had also confirmed the partnership with Rovio.

Angry Birds was and still remains a cash cow for Rovio. This game development studio developed a number of games before striking gold with Angry Birds. The object of this game is simple. Users have to launch birds at pigs you have stolen the birds' eggs. The levels get difficult as the game progresses, and there always are hidden levels within the game. This is the generic outline of the Angry Birds game.


Rovio definitely has made some changes to the game, and they will be known to us only after Angry Birds Star Wars release. For now, the studio has released a teaser trailer of the game. The full official gameplay trailer will be released on 5th November. Whereas Angry Birds Star Wars release for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows 8 and Kindle Fire will take place on 8th November.