Bad Piggies is Rovio’s newest entry, best known for the sensational line of a large mobile game called “Angry Birds” people were getting tired of the same old birds being shown off in different ways, first they were on earth, then they took the holidays, other special events and then even went as far as the reaches of space defying gravity just to get their revenge on the green pigs. But Bad Piggies is a game that does away with the birds and takes us to a completely new concept. While the concept has been done before by other studios Rovio has worked its magic and made it something even more incredible. If you are tired of the bird’s eye view of things it would nice to see things from the pigs’ perspective for once.

There is no stopping these Bad Piggies once they get rolling.

Even though Angry Birds has never had much of a story the basic background of this game is the pigs stumble across a nest of eggs in the distance and while the pigs are hatching a plot using schematics and blueprints to swipe the eggs the wind pushes all their plans through a pedestal fan and slices it up into the air, the pigs now have to go through various levels to retrieve each part of the plan and gather all the pieces together.

As you can see this isn't a simple job, each level is enormous and very tricky to master!

Everyone and their grandmother has by now at least played ONE angry birds game, be it on something as small as an iPod Touch to even your iPad 2 and perhaps even your PC but even though every game has always been about nailing the perfect slingshot hit with your thumb it’s good to see that Rovio is still as imaginative as they were when they made Angry Birds.

Bad Piggies has no slingshots, you don’t have multiple birds with special abilities if anything this game will put your noggin to the real test as you have to build mechanical contraptions using materials provided to you. Sounds easy right? You would guess so, but unlike Angry Birds your stars aren’t determined by your score but as much as it’s determined by the challenges of a level. Some levels will ask you to complete it without using a wheel, some will challenge you to keep the pig inside of the box till the end and of course one of the more challenging tasks will definitely be the time limit you are given. As someone who could 3 star almost every Angry Birds level I can safely say that Bad Piggies is definitely something you have to get used to if you want to start earning those 3 stars.

You are given a set amount of materials at the start of the level and have to make it from the start of the level till the end where a map piece lies for you as a reward, but it isn’t that simple. If you are a fan of the stars and want them you will have to lose your ability of point earning and complete the unique objectives each stage which you can see by pinch zooming out of the screen and looking at the top center of the screen. Upon completing all 3 you shall receive the 3 stars and any fan of the series will know by now that for all the game content you will at one point or the other require having 3 stars on all levels.

For those who complained about Rovio milking the birds as their cash cow you should head on over and immediately buy this game! It keeps getting better and better and will definitely keep you hooked on it for hours on end if not much longer! There is NO luck in this game, everything requires intricate planning right down to calculating the speed at which your machine is rolling down a cliff and timing the fan to help slow it down to avoid hitting a huge cliff at high speeds! Angry Birds was all about luck and repetition but this game will truly make your mind think and calculate what your next best move SHOULD be, there are no various power birds, no multiple pigs for you to fall back on and the mechanics of the game are really challenging, with over 90 levels at the start to keep you occupied you are sure to enjoy this game as much as I did if you are a fan of puzzle games.

You can buy Bad Piggies for your iOS Device by going Here and for your Android device by going Here

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