Android L to Feature Floating-Windows Multitasking Mode – Demo

Looking at how Apple is finally grasping the changing world and given in to consumer demands by opening Notification Center to third-party developers and the sort, what should Android do next to still be considered at the head of the game? It seems as if Google is trying to implement floating multi-window concept in the upcoming Android L mobile OS. If anything, the demoed Android L floating windows look nothing short of cool.default Android l encryption

Android L floating multi-window multitasking:

It is no secret that Android leads the game when it comes to multitasking and customization of the OS. Easily swapping between the apps and working on multiple apps has been the selling point for the OS. With this much focus on multitasking, Android L is definitely expected to bring in something new, something simpler to the concept of multitasking. The latest demo of floating windows might not make it to the end product, but it surely is one beautiful process of handling multitasking.

Lately, there have been rumors that Google is intending to introduce something in the Android L very similar to LG Dual Windows mode, Samsung multi-window, Sony Small Apps suite concept. These different multitasking concepts strive to make working on multiple apps and swapping easier and simpler. Some split the screen in portions and others place small windows over the top of other, bigger interface essentially letting you mutlitask in truer sense. android l

The Android floating window demo comes through Terence Tuhinanshu's Google+ profile where he has shared a video showing floating apps on the Nexus 7 tablet. The video shows the concept with Google+ and Photos apps. However, it is uncertain if this is just a bug or a feature that would be included in the upcoming mobile OS. The expected HTC Nexus 6 phablet, HTC Nexus 9 tablet and finally the Andoid L release this month will help to further prove if this floating windows multitasking is actually a part of OS or not.

Source: Terence Tuhinanshu

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