AMD’s Southern Island Based HD 7000 Series Codenames Leaked

Hassan Mujtaba

Codenames of AMD's upcoming Southern Island based HD 7000 series have been leaked today through a changelog of the HWiNFO32 v3.73 tool. The Codenames are Tahiti, New Zealand, Thames and Lombok. The new Radeon based cards will be built on a 28nm Process which will allow more room to include streaming units.

Thames as we already posted is a Lower end HD 7000 series chip built on the 28Nm process and comes with a 128-bit wide memory interface. Other than that Mobility Radeon 7000 series were also leaked which you can check out here.

The cards are expected to go in mass production by May and will be available by Q3 2011. Lower end models as posted in the roadmap will be released by Q4 2011.


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