First AMD Trinity A-Series APU’s to Arrive in May, Desktop Models slated for launch in August 2012

Hassan Mujtaba

DigiTimes reports that AMD would be announcing the launch of its Trinity based A-Series Accelerated processing units in May. The company would initially announce the notebook models while desktop models would arrive later in August 2012.

In addition to the notebook and desktop models, AMD would also announce its tablet oriented processors codenamed Hondo in Q4 2012. Trinity would be based on a 32nm architecture featuring x86 Piledriver cores which would allow for an 25% uplift in overall performance and upto 50% increase in graphics performance with the help of the new HD7000 series southern island IGP against the Llano APUs.

As far as prices are concerned, Trinity solutions would be fairly cheaper against their Intel counterparts which would allow notebook manufacturer's to opt for Trinity for cheaper solutions.

The Piledriver based A10 and A8 series along with Richland and Weatherford based A4/A6 Series Accelerated processing units would be launched Q3 2012 (August). More details on prices and specifications of the desktop and mobile processors are available here. The low power Brazos 2.0 is also said to be out by June.

Moving onwards, AMD would launch Bulldozer's successor Steamroller in 2013 and Excavator in 2015 and Kaveri by 2013 to replace Trinity architecture.

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