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AMD Trinity APU Lineup Leaked, Specifications of Eight Desktop and Mobile APUs Detailed


AMD's complete Trinity APU lineup has been leaked which includes a total of eight various desktop and mobile Trinity based Accelerated Processing Units. A few other slides detailing the Trinity and Piledriver architecture were also leaked yesterday which you can view here.

The desktop Trinity models would be launched simultaneously with the Socket FM2 motherboards in Q3 2012 (August) while Mobile based Trinity (Socket FS2) solutions will arrive on May 15th.

Trinity would arrive in A10 and A8 variants based on the Piledriver architecture, A6 Series would be based on the Weatherford while the A4 Series would be based on the Richland architecture. All architectures are based on the 32nm fabrication process by Global foundries.

Following are the complete list of models leaked:

  • A4-5300K  (N/A N/A, 1MB Cache, HD7480D, 65W TDP)
  • A6-5400K  (N/A N/A, 4MB Cache, HD7540D, 65W TDP)
  • A8-4500M     (2.1GHz/2.8GHz, 4MB Cache, HD7640G, 35W TDP)
  • A8-5500     (3.2GHz/3.7GHz, 4MB Cache, HD7560D, 65W TDP)
  • A8-5600K   (3.6GHz/3.9GHz, 4MB Cache, HD7560D, 100W TDP)
  • A10-4600M (2.3GHz/3.0GHz, 4MB Cache, HD7660G, 35W TDP)
  • A10-5700 (3.4GHz/4.0GHz, 4MB Cache, HD7660D, 65W TDP)
  • A10-5800K (3.8GHz/4.2GHz, 4MB Cache, HD7660D, 100W TDP)
Image courtesy of CHW.net!

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