AMD Tonga GPU to Allegedly Be Manufactured by TSMC – Arriving in Autumn

[RUMOR] Wait, Stop! Notice the rumor tag. Alright so heres the deal, a couple of weeks ago our very reliable colleagues at Videocardz revealed that Tonga GPU would be manufactured by GlobaloFoundries (GloFo) so you can imagine our surprise when we received a completely contradictory point of view from Russian Overclockers. They state that Tonga GPU will actually be manufactured by TSMC. Their report can be found here.

AMD Tonga GPU will be Fabricated on TSMC's 28nm Node and Land in Autumn Claims Russian Report

This is a rather short update, but it deserved posting. Now the primary reason I have put the rumor tag is that although Overclockers Russia is reliable, it directly contradicts VCZ, which I consider more reliable. Russian Overclockers did not state their sources but that is something to be expected when exclusive news sources are concerned. They also state that Tonga is going to land in Autumn. Tonga is basically the an island family (and a State) which consists of 176 Islands. AMD's nomenclature has always been partial to volcanic islands and landscapes, and the Tonga Nomenclature is no different.

We have already heard reports of the R9 M295X and the expected GPU Counterpart is the R9 275X (since its performance is theoretically somewhere between the R9 270X and R9 280). Now a GPU is expected within 3 Months but once again everything we know is based entirely on leaks and no first hand information so a pinch of salt applies everywhere. TSMC has previously reported a GPU Market Share of 100% and this russian report would actualy verify that claim because if Tonga GPU is manufactured by GloFo then TSMC cannot really have a 100% GPU Market Share. Even though to be fair to TSMC the report was published when  Tonga GPU was still not (and still isnt) released.

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