AMD Promises Competition Against Nvidia GTX 980 and GTX 970 – Gives 12 Points Why You Should Choose Radeon

I think everyone remembers the  'No Pills Required' campaign that AMD ran recently. Even though the launch was hyped to be the reveal of the Next Generation Radeons, the skepticism of critics was proven correct since it turned out to be the Radeon R9 285 launching in India. Needless to say, Red received a lot of flak for the misleading PR. They have now promised that they will indeed be competing against the Maxwell Flagships Geforce GTX 980 and Geforce GTX 970 but you will probably have to wait a while.AMD #FutureisAMD

AMD's 12 Points to Choose Radeon (R9 285) - Promises Competition Against Maxwell Flagships

A piece like this is pretty hard to cover since the slightest tilt ends up being taken for company favoritism but I will try my best to make sure you get no reason to complain (Oh who am I kidding). Nvidia's Maxwell Flagships received highly positive reviews from nearly every known tech publication in the world, and this is because almost no one in the Industry was actually expecting a significant performance boost. Some of you might say that hey, its only a ~10% improvement over the GTX 780 Ti, its not that impressive. Well, yeah, I would agree with you if it wasn't for the fact that this is 10% while being stuck on the same 28nm Node, i.e. pure architectural advancement, not to mention that the actual Maxwell Flagship (the Gm200 GPU) is still waiting in the shadows for a competitor to arrive.


AMD was bound to give some kind of answer to the green launch and when they started their Red-Blue Pill campaign, everyone assumed the best. It didn't help that Roy's tweets supported the widespread rumors and when the actual reveal turned out to be just a launch event in India, flames were inevitable. It is at this point that AMD promised that it is definitely not out of the game and will be back for more, although you might have to wait a bit. The time frame for Radon R9 300 Series Flagships could extend to as much as Q2 2015. Now, AMD also stated reasons why you should go Radeon and for the purpose of this demonstration they chose the R9 285 Tonga GPU vs the GTX 760. Here are the twelve points:

1. (AMD is) The Future of Gaming
2. (AMD is) For those who demand the best for their Money
3. AMD Radeon Graphics - Upto 26% higher performance over the GTX 760
4. Freesync
5. Eyefinity
6. True Audio
7. (AMD Radeon Graphics are) 4K ready.
8. (AMD Radeon Graphics boast) DirectX 12 AND Mantle
9. AMD PowerTune Technology
10. Unique Board Designs
11. AMD Gaming Evolved Client
12. Latest Graphics Core Next Architecture

So these were the 12 points that AMD gave to help you decide between the two giants. Most of these apply to all Radeon products however a few of these, point 3 for example, applies only to the Tonga GPU. It is worth mentioning that some of the points here are simple marketing for e.g. point no. 10, since Nvidia has AIB and Custom variants too. Either way, I will leave it up to our readers to analyze and dissect the slides, which we got from if that wasn't obvious by the watermark. So there you go folks, Red's reply to the Maxwell launch.


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