AMD Tonga GPU Arriving Sometime in August – Will Replace the Radeon R9 280 GPU

Usman Pirzada

Chinese VR Zone (Via Videocardz) has revealed more details on AMD's upcoming Tonga GPU. They state that the said GPU will be arriving sometime in August and is all set to replace the Tathiti PRO core and therefore the R9 280 GPU for the mid-end spectrum. Its performance is supposed to be somewhere in between Tahiti PRO and Tahiti XT.

AMD Tonga GPUNot an Official Slide.

AMD's Tonga GPU will Replace Tahiti PRO and Radeon R9 280 Sometime in August

The exact nomenclature of the GPU is not known but a common dubbing is the Radeon R9 285, which being nothing more than a speculation, can be easily wrong. The card is rumored to have a 256bit interface with 32 CUs and consequently 2048 SPs. The card is supposedly very power efficient and could even get a 7Ghz memory clock. The fab for the Tonga GPU is said to be Global Foundries, but there are rumors circulating that put it back to TSMC's 28nm node. Now we had previously heard that the GPU would be landing near Autumn and VR Zone seems to have given a more accurate time frame for the same.

The Tonga GPU is aimed at the completely mid-end spectrum and equal-to-or-less-than $200 price point if it is going to be replacing the R9 280. It is also speculated to be be based on GCN 2.0 as opposed to GCN 1.1 which Hawaii and Bonaire were based on. AS we draw closer to the launch more information about the GPU will inevitably leak out, and from the looks of it, Tonga is shaping up to be a very interesting GPU.  The design scheme introduces latest architectural improvements such as new ACE (Asynchronous Compute Engine) Units and an increased focus towards compute shaders. Leaving aside the choke full of speculation in this article, the only thing that is 100% confirmed at this point is that the GPU is landing in August and will replace the Tahiti Pro.

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