AMD’s Smallest RDNA 2 GPU, The Navi 24 ‘Beige Goby’, Has Been Spotted – Features Up To 1024 Cores, 16 MB Infinity Cache & 64-bit Bus


Details for AMD's smallest RDNA 2 GPU, the Navi 24, which is codenamed Beige Goby, have leaked out in the latest driver Linux graphics driver patch. Spotted by Phoronix, the details of the new GPU were highlighted by Locuza over at Twitter, giving us a nice rundown of what to expect from AMD's smallest 2nd Generation RDNA chip.

AMD Navi 24 RDNA 2 GPU Codenamed Beige Goby, Features Up To 1024 Cores & 16 MB Infinity Cache

While we have yet to see AMD's Navi 23 'Dimgrey Cavefish' GPUs in action (although the launch seems to be pretty close based on recent leaks), the Navi 24 'Beige Goby' GPU has leaked out & along with its initial specifications. Being the smallest chip in the RDNA 2 family, the Navi 24 GPU will find several use cases within desktop/mobility Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards and also Ryzen APUs.

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According to Locuza, the AMD Navi 24 RDNA 2 GPU will feature a single SDMA engine. The chip will feature 2 shader arrays for a total of 8 WGPs and a maximum of 16 Compute Units. AMD has 64 stream processors per compute unit so that brings the total core count on the Navi 24 GPU at 1024 which is half that of the Navi 23 GPU which will offer 2048 stream processors in 32 compute units.

In addition to the number of cores, each shader array would feature 128 KB of L1 cache, 1 MB of L2 cache and there would also be 16 MB of Infinity Cache (LLC). The addition of Infinity Cache is pretty interesting since early rumors had stated that the GPUs below Navi 23 won't feature any additional last-level cache. The Van Gogh and Rembrandt APUs are expected to feature an RDNA 2 integrated GPU similar to the RDNA 2 but it looks like the discrete chip will carry Infinity Cache while the iGPUs will exclude it. The AMD Navi 24 RDNA 2 GPUs will also be featured across a 64-bit bus interface & will be featured on low-end Radeon RX 6500 or RX 6400 series parts.

There's no telling when AMD will launch its RDNA 2 based Navi 24 GPUs in the market. They have yet to launch RDNA 2 for mobile platforms and Navi 23 is expected to launch in a few week's time. We can expect a launch in mid-2021 which means NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 3050 series graphics cards will remain uncontested in both mobile and desktop segments for a good while.

Graphics Architecture GPU Codename Alternative Name Architecture Product
GFX900 VEGA 10 GCN 5.0 RX VEGA / Radeon Pro
GFX902 RAVEN Raven Ridge / Picasso GCN 5.0 Ryzen 2000/3000(G/GE)
GFX904 VEGA 12 GCN 5.0 Vega Pro 20 (MAC)
GFX906 VEGA 20 GCN 5.0 Radeon VII / Radeon Pro VII
GFX908 ARCTURUS CDNA 1 Instinct MI100
GFX909 RAVEN2 Green Sardine GCN 5.0 TBC
GFX909 RENOIR Green Sardine GCN 5.0 Ryzen 4000(H/U/G)
GFX1010 NAVI 10 RDNA 1 RX 5700/5600(M/XT)
GFX1011 NAVI 12 RDNA 1 PRO 5600M (MAC)
GFX1012 NAVI 14 RDNA 1 RX 5500 (M/XT)
GFX1013 NAVI 1X Cyan Skilfish RDNA 1 RX 5500 (M/XT)
GFX1030 NAVI 21 Sienna Cichlid RDNA 2 RX 6900/RX 6800 Series
GFX1031 NAVI 22 Navy Flounder RDNA 2 RX 6700 Series
GFX1032 NAVI 23 Dimgrey Cavefish RDNA 2 RX 6600 Series
GFX1033 VAN GOGH RDNA 2 Ryzen Low-Power APU
GFX1034 NAVI 24 Beige Goby? RDNA 2 RX 6500 Series
GFX1035 Rembrandt Yellow Carp? RDNA 2 Ryzen 6000 APUs
GFX1040 VAN GOGH LITE RDNA 2 Ryzen Low-Power APU
cache info
RDNA L1 (GL1) L2 (TCC) L3 / Infinity Cache (MALL)
Raven / Picasso
Renoir / Lucienne / Cezanne
--- 1M ---
Raven2 --- 128K 2 ---
Vega20 --- 4M ---
Arcturus --- 8M? ---
Aldebaran --- 8M ---
Navi10 / Navi12 128K 4M ---
Navi14 128K 2M ---
Van Gogh 128K 1M ---
Sienna Cichlid 128K 4M 128M
Navy Flounder 128K 3M 96M
Dimgrey Cavefish 128K 2M 32M
Beige Goby 128K 1M 16M