AMD Shows Running Samples of Vishera FX-8350 and Trinity A10-5800K APU

AMD also made an appearance at IDF in a nearby hotel suite showcasing the flagship Vishera FX-8350 and Trinity based A10-5800K APU. It isn't unusual for AMD to show up during its competitors ongoing event, the chip maker managed to show some high clocked CPUs at the event.

First up is the flagship Vishera FX-8350 (x86 Piledriver) which was seen running at 5.0GHz frequency (clocked down to 4.8GHz later)with the bundled water-cooling kit. The motherboard used is supposedly the ASUS Crosshair V Formula which allows heavy overclocking settings for enthusiasts.

The second chip to make an appearance was the upcoming Trinity A10-5800K flagship accelerated processing unit running at 4.07GHz with the new Piledriver core architecture whereas the GPU side consisted of the HD 7660D iGP module which keeps the VLIW4 architecture intact.

Trinity is expected to launch by the 1st of next month and Vishera (Piledriver) would arrive on a date around 15-20th October.

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