Even at $900 US+, AMD’s Entire Ryzen 9 3950X 16 Core CPU Inventory Sold Out In Japan

Amazing scenes were witnessed on the 30th of November when AMD officially launched the Ryzen 9 3950X 16 core CPU in the Japanese market. DIY builders who were anxiously waiting to try out the new 16 core mainstream processors had to wait in long queues all day and buy a coupon to confirm their order.

Entire AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16 Core CPU Inventory Sold Out In Japan Before Hardware Retail Stores Even Opened

As reported by Akiba-pc.watch, sales for the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16 core processor were planned to initiate on the 30th of November (Sunday). Each store required users to get a purchase-ticket & wait in line at each store before they can pick up the flagship mainstream AM4 processor. Editor of Akiba-pc.watch, Isamu Kubo, stated that he was informed by shop keepers that some buyers even tried so line up during the night but that was prohibited so they were advised to come back early in the morning. That's a great show of enthusiasm from the DIY community for AMD's latest CPUs.

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Many major retail outlets in Tokyo, including Computer Shop ARK, Sofmap AKIBA shop, Tsuskumo PC Main Store, Tsukumo DOS / V PC Building, Tsukumo eX. Computer Building, Dospara Akihabara Main Store and PC workshop Akihabara BUYMORE saw a good influx of Ryzen 9 3950X buyers. The numbers provided show that at least 200 people if not more, had lined up in queues just for the 16 core flagship. By the time each store opened, the entire Japanese Ryzen 9 3950X was sold out.

Not only that, but the price for the Ryzen 9 3950X suggested by the retailers was 100,000 Japanese Yen which equates to roughly $913 US. Even at $150+ more, the Ryzen 9 3950X was selling like hot cakes in the Japanese market which along with the Asian Pacific markets has recently seen a major spike in AMD's DIY CPU sales. AMD's Ryzen Threadripper 3970X sales were also lifted the same day and there were a good number of people who were buying the 32 core Zen 2 based chip too. The Ryzen Threadripper 3970X is priced at 260,000 Japanese Yen or $2370 US ($370 US more than the $1999 US MSRP).


Japan and Asian regions aren't the only markets where AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs are performing this well. The latest numbers from Mindfactory were reported by us just a few hours ago which show AMD simply killing it in November with a record number of CPUs sold and a record revenue at the biggest retailer in Germany.

Even at Amazon, AMD Ryzen 3000 and Ryzen processors in general, along with their black-Friday discounts have made them top the Bestseller CPU charts. More so, that even an MSI X570 $199.99 US motherboard has started showing up in the CPU bestseller charts which is because many users are buying it along with their Ryzen 3000 CPU purchase. Currently, AMD holds all of the top 10 CPU places on Amazon. There are also some amazing Ryzen CPU deals at Amazon right now such as:

The AMD Ryzen 3000 momentum isn't stopping anytime soon and with news already that AMD's Zen 3 based Ryzen 4000 processors are on the horizon, Intel's mainstream lineup would face the same demise as their HEDT platform.

AMD Ryzen 3000 Series CPU Lineup

CPU NameRyzen 5 3500Ryzen 5 3500XRyzen 5 3600Ryzen 5 3600XRyzen 7 3700XRyzen 7 3800XRyzen 9 3900XRyzen 9 3950X
Base Clock3.6 GHz3.6 GHz3.6 GHz3.8 GHz3.6 GHz3.9 GHz3.8 GHz3.5 GHz
Boost Clock4.1 GHz4.1 GHz4.2 GHz4.4 GHz4.4 GHz4.5 GHz4.6 GHz4.7 GHz
Cache (L2+L3)16 MB32 MB35 MB35 MB36 MB36 MB70 MB72 MB
PCIe Lanes (Gen 4 CPU+PCH)4040404040404040
Price$149 US$179 US$199 US$249 US$329 US$399 US$499 US$749 US
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