AMD CEO Hints At Zen & K12 Release Dates – Targets Q1 2016

Khalid Moammer

Rory Read AMD's Chief Executive Officer revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that AMD is targeting the first quarter of 2016 for product launches based on AMD's latest technologies. Stating that AMD will have to endure some rough patches in the next 18 months before the new designs begin to bolster sales.

AMD is currently working on multiple product designs that will utilize new technologies. Those include two custom high performance CPU cores both ARM & X86 based, 3D stacked High-Bandwidth Memory or HBM for short, Processor-in-Memory or PIM for short and advanced 14nm FinFET manufacturing process.

AMD K12 Roadmap


K12 & Sister X86 Core Confirmed to be Coming in Early 2016

Rory reaffirmed that the product roadmap & launch schedule is much more reliable than ever before. With AMD engineers proving they can deliver new designs on time.
AMD still has several upcoming products before we see K12 in the first quarter of 2016. Carrizo APUs are coming next year along with new 20nm pin compatible x86 & ARM SOCs. However we won't see next generation high performance FX CPU products until 2016. This was previously confirmed by AMD's CVP & GM of the client division Bernd Lienhard during a Q&A session in APU14.

AMD's FX series of processors has been relatively less active, what's the plan for the future?

Lienhard: Last year we introduced the Piledriver architecture and achieved good market performance,we see about 30% growth. Kaveri also used the updated Steamroller architecture.

Within two years you will definitely see an update to the FX series in the high-performance market segment.

The new CPU core will very likely be accompanied by a new socket and an enthusiast chipset. It's still unclear if AMD is going to introduce a unified socket for both APUs and high performance CPUs or if they're going to maintain the current market segmentation.

On the GPU side of the AMD equation we still see a lot of products coming from the red team both short and long term.
News has been consistently trickling  of AMD working on GPU designs that will incorporate 3D stacked High-Bandwidth Memory. Namely the 20nm Pirate Islands family of GPUs beginning with the flagship Fiji GPU coming next year. Even though we have to wait until 2016 to see AMD's new CPU designs in action, 2015 remains to be a very exciting year for graphics.

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