AMD Announces Zen 3 Based ‘Cezanne’ Ryzen 5000 Mobility Series Processors

Usman Pirzada

According to a massive leak posted by Videocardz, AMD is announcing their Ryzen 5000 series Cezanne mobility processors today. Cezzane is the successor to the award-winning Renoir family of APUs from AMD and is a series of processors that has been eagerly anticipated. The leaked slide deck not only contains details of various microarchitectural improvements over the last generation of mobility processors but also confirms that Cezanne APU will feature a die size increase of 15% over Renoir, clocking in at 180mm².

AMD announces Zen 3 based Ryzen 5000 mobility series APUs codenamed 'Cezanne'

AMD's Zen 3 based Ryzen 5000 series mobility processors feature 10.7 billion transistors and are fabricated on TSMC's 7nmn process. They offer a 23% uplift in single-threaded performance versus the older Ryzen 9 4900H and will make AMD much more competitive with Intel's Tiger Lake in single-threaded loads. It features double the cache with a unified 8 core CCX and 16 MB of L3 cache which accelerates core communication and lowers latency. AMD is also claiming up to 2 hours longer battery life compared to the last generation and 19% more single-threaded performance than the Intel 10980HK.


The new Zen 3 based architecture features a single block of 16MB L3 cache versus two blocks of 4MB L3 cache in Zen 2. The single block of cache also feeds all 8 cores simultaneously as opposed to the last design where each block could only feed 4 cores. This improves cache accessibility and load distribution and reduces power while increasing bandwidth.


Power management has also been improved over the last generation (where all of the CPU VCore were pegged to the VGfx. With Ryzen 5000 series processors, the power management is more fine-tuned and each core can have a separate voltage and frequency irrespective of GPU load - which is similar to how desktop setups operate. This also includes the introduction of Deep Power states. Because of these changes, standby power has been increased by 20 hours, Idle time has been increased by almost 4 hours, video playback by 1.1 hours and general use case by 2 hours.


The Zen 3 based Ryzen 5000 series flagship features USB 3.1 and USB C support with 2x NVME SATA connections and one PCIe Discrete GFX connection. A 7nm Vega enhanced onboard with 8 compute units will offer the graphics horsepower and infinity fabric will offer seamless connectivity between the two. The iGPU can now sustain clock frequencies up to 2.1 GHz and reach 2.15 TFLOPs of GPU horsepower. Because of this the Ryzen 5800U can get a 171% higher graphics score than the original Ryzen 3700U.


AMD APU Forecasted Roadmap 2017-2022

APU SegmentFamily CodenameFamily BrandingProcess NodeCPU ArchitectureGPU ArchitectureMax Cores / ThreadsTDPLaunch Year
DesktopPhoenixRyzen 7000G5nm?Zen 4Navi (RDNA 2)TBA35-65W2023
DesktopRembrandtRyzen 6000G6nmZen 3+Navi (RDNA 2)8/1635-65W2022
DesktopCezanneRyzen 5000G7nmZen 3Vega (4th Gen)8/1635-65W2021
DesktopRenoirRyzen 4000G7nmZen 2(Vega 3rd Gen)8/1635-65W2020
DesktopPicassoRyzen 3000G12nmZen+Vega (2nd Gen)4/835-65W2019
DesktopRaven RidgeRyzen 2000G14nmZenVega (1st Gen)4/835-65W2018
High-End NotebookPhoenix-HRyzen 7000H5nm?Zen 4Navi (RDNA 2)TBA35-45W2023
High-End NotebookRembrandt-HRyzen 6000H6nmZen 3+Navi (RDNA 2)8/1635-45W2022
High-End NotebookCezanne-HRyzen 5000H7nmZen 3Vega (4th Gen)8/1635-45W2021
High-End NotebookRenoir-HRyzen 4000H7nmZen 2(Vega 3rd Gen)8/1635-45W2020
High-End NotebookPicasso-HRyzen 3000H12nmZen+Vega (2nd Gen)4/835-45W2019
High-End NotebookRaven Ridge-HRyzen 2000H14nmZenVega (1st Gen)4/835-45W2018
Ultra Low Power NotebookPhoenix-URyzen 7000U5nm?Zen 4Navi (RDNA 2)TBA15-25W2023
Ultra Low Power NotebookRembrandt-URyzen 6000U6nmZen 3+Navi (RDNA 2)8/1615-25W2022
Ultra Low Power NotebookBarcelo-URyzen 6000U7nmZen 3Vega (4th Gen)8/1615-25W2022
Ultra Low Power NotebookCezanne-URyzen 5000U7nmZen 3Vega (4th Gen)8/1615-25W2021
Ultra Low Power NotebookLucienne-URyzen 5000U7nmZen 2(Vega 3rd Gen)8/1615-25W2021
Ultra Low Power NotebookRenoir-URyzen 4000U7nmZen 2(Vega 3rd Gen)8/1615-25W2020
Ultra Low Power NotebookPicasso-URyzen 3000U12nmZen+Vega (2nd Gen)4/815-25W2019
Ultra Low Power NotebookRaven Ridge-URyzen 2000U14nmZenVega (1st Gen)4/815-25W2017
Ultra Low TDP NotebookDragon CrestRyzen 6000 (Y?)7nmZen 2Navi (RDNA 2)TBC9-15W2022
Ultra Low TDP NotebookVan GoghRyzen 5000 (Y?)7nmZen 2Navi (RDNA 2)TBC9-15W2021
Ultra Low TDP NotebookPollockRyzen 5000 (Y?)14nmZen(Vega 3rd Gen)TBC4.5-9W2021
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