All iPhone 12 Models to Feature Flat Front Glass Design – No 2.5D Approach Will Be Taken

All iPhone 12 Models to Feature Flat Front Glass Design - No 2.5D Approach Will Be Taken

All iPhone 12 models are expected to feature a design change, with previous reports mentioning that the new devices will take inspiration from the 2020 iPad Pro. This will mean flatter edges, resembling the premium tablets that Apple launched not too long ago. Flatter edges can also mean Apple may stick to a flat front glass design, and that’s exactly what one tipster has suggested regarding the new look of the upcoming four iPhone 12 models.

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A tweet from Apple Lab talks about ‘very strange news’ regarding the front side of the upcoming iPhone 12. Apparently, Apple isn’t going to be using a 2.5D glass that a lot of the company’s competitors have employed on their high-end offerings. In fact, a lot of these manufacturers have started to engineer curvier front glass to the point where we might not even have side buttons in the future.

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Apple looks to be taking a different approach here. Whether or not it decreases the overall aesthetics score from the upcoming models, we can all agree that it will make these handsets much easier to grip. An iPhone 12 with a flat glass all the way from corner to corner will make it easier to hold and carry, not to mention applying a screen protector should be a walk in the park.

There’s no telling if Apple is expected to save on manufacturing costs by using this flat front glass, but we’ll find out in the future. Previously, iPhone 12 dummies were shown in a ‘first look’ video, with the clip highlighting the design changes arriving to the upcoming lineup. If you take a closer look, you can see that there isn’t any curve around the edge of the glass, suggesting that the new iPhone 12 models will in fact resemble the new iPad Pro.

Do you think this flat front glass design is something you’ll want or do you much prefer the curved display look? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (Apple Lab)

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