Alan Wake Officially Headed For PC


Yesterday I posted a news where Alan Wake's name showed up in the Steam Registery giving us a hint at a possible PC release, but now the rumors have turned to truth as Remedy has just announced that Alan Wake is indeed headed for the PC, scheduled for an early 2012 release date the game will be packed with both DLC's and improved features.

After making his debut on the XBOX 360 a year ago Alan Wake is making his first appearance on the PC with both DLC included (The Signal and The Writer) will both be free to download. Considering how Alan Wake was originally meant to be a PC / 360 project and later on got a last minute change I am glad to see Alan Wake coming to the PC like it was meant to. I am hoping that Remedy and Microsoft give us better features like Physx, 3D, improved graphics and the whole package in this project. The first screenshot was released by Remedy today and is believed to be a PC screenshot of the game.

As a fan of the game I found the game to be quiet interesting but the ending was very disappointing for every fan to take, I just hope they fix that in the future Alan Wake games but otherwise Alan Wake was a good game on the XBOX 360 and will be even better on the PC, hopefully Microsoft and Remedy will also release American Nightmare on the PC if the PC version of Alan Wake sells well.