The Nightmares continue as Alan Wake: American Nightmare Is Speculated for the PC

Alan Wake has been getting a lot of love by the PC community, the game sold like hot cakes on its steam launch date and the PC version was the optimized and graphical eye candy we were promised by Remedy entertainment and it seem s that the love for the game won’t stop there, Alan Wake: American Nightmare; which was an XBLA title continuing the story of the two episodes of the original game has been listed in the Steam Directory, keep in mind that this is how the news of the First Alan Wake came to be so the chances of this being true are VERY High to say the least.

Directory is taken from the source:

App ID 202754
Last Updated 2012-04-23 22:56:35
Name alan wakes american nightmare thirdparty
Installation Directory alan wakes american nightmare thirdparty
Minimum Cache Size 104
Maximum Cache Size 104
Launch Options
Description Default
Command Line alan wakes american nightmare thirdparty
Icon Index 0
No Desktop Shortcut false
No Start Menu Shortcut false
Long Running Unattended false
On First Launch -1
Is Bandwidth Greedy true
Versions (show) Hidden
Current Version ID 0
Trickle Version ID -1
User Defined
Beta Version Password foo
Beta Version ID -1
Legacy Installation Dir
Skip MFP Overwrite false
Use Filesystem DVR false
Manifest Only App false
App of Manifest Only Cache 202750

Picture is also taken from the source:

While fans were expecting more of a proper retail release when a sequel to Alan Wake was announced they were satisfied with the release of American Nightmare as a downloadable arcade title, the game is short but sweet and is definitely worth the purchase for fans of the original games story following its episodes. While Alan Wake has been on a roller coaster of a ride through the years making the shift between PC to Console and then back to PC it seems that Remedy is once again making the smart decision of bringing our favorite flash light wielding gun trotting writer to the PC again, I don’t see why not considering the original game launched on steam with the two (paid for on XBL) episodes for free along with many other goodies such as the games soundtrack, and Remedy was even able to make back development costs for the PC version from 1 week of steam sales alone even though they sold their game at half the price of “newly” launched retail titles.

While there is nothing official as of yet there is bound to be something soon and American Nightmare is definitely coming to the PC in the near future and possibly by Q2 / Q3 or at the most a Q4 release date again which will probably be again on steam. It’s good to see developers like Remedy show interest to the PC community too and maybe someday we might get future Alan Wake games on the same date as the XBOX 360 version but let’s first wake up from the American Nightmare.

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