Alan Wake Coming To PC?

Rizwan Anwer

The people at Alan Wake forums have come across a stunning discovery where they managed to find out that Alan Wake COULD be headed for the PC because of it appearing in Steam's Registery, keep in mind that this is how Sonic Generations on PC was confirmed so the chances of it being wrong again are VERY slim. If this is true Alan Wake coming to the PC would be a great way for creating a larger fan base of the game, while there is still no OFFICIAL confirmation or release date or any such information we can only wait.

Alan Wake was supposed to be a simultaneous release on the PC and the XBOX 360 but last minute plans made it a 360 exclusive along with all the DLC and the upcoming American Nightmare announced at this years VGA Awards, but it seems that the plan is going back to the original scenario and hopefully the game can be enjoyed the way it was meant to be :D. Here is an excerpt of the findings of the member at the forums:

This is huge, this is really huge. According to Steam’s registry, Alan Wake is coming to the PC. Although we don’t have any specific release date, we do know that those registry entries are as valid as they can get. We’ve also captured a screen from this registry entry that can be viewed bellow. In case you were unaware of, Sonic Generations’ PC version was leaked in the same way, so there should be no doubt about the validity of the source. Steam’s registry does not lie, that’s a fact. Bottom line is that Alan Wake is coming to the PC, it’s semi-official now.

Let’s also not forget Remedy’s Aki Järvilehto statement:

“We have received feedback from a lot of PC gamers, and I have to admit that yes, we somehow ignored that. Let’s see if in the near future we could have some positive news to tell you about dating!”

This can be easily translated as “We are developing it and will let you know about its release date”. The key word here is dating. Aki could easily had stated that they might have some good news about the development of a potential PC version. But no, Aki intentionally used the word ‘dating’ which hints to a future release of Alan Wake to the PC.

Rejoice PC gamers, it’s coming!

Along with these screenshots:

As you can see the screenshots and the quote are pretty convincing, but the question now is when can we expect to hear an official word?

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