Age of Empires to be Featured on ‘Inside Xbox’ in March with ‘Exciting Announcements’ Inbound

Alessio Palumbo

Age of Empires fans are eagerly waiting for news on the long-anticipated fourth installment in the franchise, announced in August 2017 by Microsoft with Relic as the chosen developer.

Meanwhile, though, Xbox gamers have also been wondering whether there's any chance the revered real-time strategy franchise will ever make it to Microsoft's own console. As it turns out, their wish might be about to come true.

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Yesterday it was the anniversary of the release of Age of Empires Definitive Edition on PC. Community Manager Jennifer Godwin penned a blog post to celebrate the occasion while announcing the eight update for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (detailed below).

However, she also revealed that Age of Empires will be featured on the March episode of 'Inside Xbox', the monthly live news broadcast for Microsoft games. She also teased there'll be 'very exciting' announcements, which seems to be a clear indication that the franchise is going to be announced for an Xbox One release. After all, there's full support for mouse and keyboard now.

What's unclear is whether they'll announce a port for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition or just for the upcoming Age of Empires IV. If we had to wager, we'd put five cents on the former as an appetizer for whenever the latter will materialize. At any rate, we'll let you know the official news once it's been revealed on Inside Xbox.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Update 8


  • Automatic Farm Reseed – New Option in the Granary
  • Mixed unit Queues –  Players can now train different units at the same time from buildings
  • Mixed tech Queues – Players can now queue units and techs at the same time from buildings
  • Added resolution options to full screen mode
  • Fallen units now decay over time

Unit Behavior:

  • Units navigate better when going through narrow paths
  • Improved intercept targeting behavior
  • Ship acceleration removed to improve tasked response times
  • Builders no longer fail to build wall pieces under certain circumstances


  • AI should no longer get stuck in the Stone Age under certain circumstances
  • AI can now hunt Elephants
  • AI Scouts are less prone to killing themselves to hazards
  • AI units pick their targets better
  • General AI build orders/strategies have been updated to be more efficient


  • Fixed various crashes at game end
  • Destroyed buildings disappear much faster
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