Popular Strategy Game Age of Empires is Soon Coming to Mobile Platforms

Furqan Shahid
Popular Strategy Game Age of Empires is Soon Coming to Mobile Platforms

Age of Empires is a household name for all gamers; especially the ones from the 90s, and for all the right reasons. When you are talking about strategy games, Age of Empire serves as one of the few bastions of an amazing genre and although strategy games are not as common these days, Microsoft has decided to bring the game to the mobile platform.

Age of Empires is Marching Towards Mobile Platform Soon

The company shared nothing but a teaser along with a short statement of what's to come but if you are familiar with Age of Empires, you have all the reasons to be excited about the upcoming title.

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Sadly, a release date is also missing but you can check out the announcement teaser below.

Sadly, not a lot was shared about the game but we did manage to get our hands on a statement about the upcoming Age of Empires Mobile.

'We shared a teaser trailer for a whole new way to play Age of Empires as it heads to mobile. This uniquely designed, visually stunning game will allow you to build your empire on the go. If the teaser has you excited, there’ll be more to share in the not too distant future. So stay tuned."
It is still too early to actually say what this game is going to be all about but based on the fact that we are looking at one of the most beloved strategy games, we surely are excited. However, there is more news. Aside from the mobile announcement, you are also getting Age of Mythology Retold, along with Age of Empires II and IV coming to Xbox. So, for the fans of strategy games, this certainly is a time to rejoice.
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