Adobe Adds Support for Mac Pro’s Afterburner Card in Premiere Pro Beta


Adobe is adding Mac Pro Afterburner acceleration support to Premier Pro, its popular video editing software. Beta builds of Premiere Pro, version 14.3.0 and later, will be able to decode ProRes video codec using Afterburner card, however, ProRes RAW support is not available yet.

The announcement was made in Adobe Support Community. Users who opted in for Mac Pro's optional Afterburner accelerator will now be able to accelerate their workflows as long as they are using ProRes video codec.

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To enable Afterburner acceleration, you must follow the below steps:

The Metal renderer must be selected for use in the applications (this is already the default setting):
  • After Effects (Beta): File > Project Settings... > Video Rendering and Effects > select "Mercury GPU Acceleration (Metal)"
  • Media Encoder (Beta): Preferences > General > Video Rendering > select Renderer: "Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (Metal) - Recommended"
  • Premiere Pro (Beta): File < Project Settings > General > select Renderer: "Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (Metal) - Recommended"

Adobe is currently testing the update with beta testers, and it might be a while before all Premiere Pro users can get their hands on the update.

Apple's Afterburner is a dedicated hardware accelerator card with a programmable interface. It can process over 6.3 billion pixels per second, and can handle six streams of 8K ProRes Raw or 23 streams of 4K ProRes RAW footage, simultaneously. It was even been tested with playback of unrendered full quality 16K footage and did not break a sweat.

Apple's Final Cut Pro takes full advantage of the acceleration and provides faster workflows with ProRes and ProRes Raw footage.

The card costs $2,000 when added during checkout on Apple Online Store, and uses the PCI Express x16 slot in Mac pro.

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