The Base Mac Pro Disappoints as a Gaming Machine, Despite Being a Beast as a Professional Desktop

Mac Pro’s Gaming Performance Disappoints for a Capable $6000 Machine

Last month, Apple released the Mac Pro, with the entry-level model carrying a price tag of $5999. The machine is equipped with an octa-core Intel Xeon CPU, 32GB of ECC DDR4 RAM, a 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD, and a Radeon Pro 580X GPU. The specifications are configurable and somewhat impressive, but just how capable is the Mac Pro's gaming performance for its base configuration? A video answers that question, and you’ll find out soon.

The Mac Pro’s Gaming Performance Is Decent, but the Machine Was Never Designed for This Particular Task Given Its Base Asking Price

Snazzy Labs tried playing different on Apple’s new powerful machine and it turns out that Mac Pro’s gaming performance is nothing to write home about. However, in the Cupertino giant’s defense, the computer was never really advertised as a machine for gaming. That being said, if the company claims it can easily sustain heavy tasks like coding and video editing, you’d expect it to gracefully handle gaming too.

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According to the video, the Mac Pro gaming performance remains poor even when it runs Windows through Boot Camp. Most of the games didn’t hit 30 frames per second in 1440p resolution at maximum settings. Apparently, the Radeon Pro 580X GPU is to be blamed, because it is just not great for gaming at QHD resolution. Thus, if you’re serious about wanting to game a bit on the Mac Pro, considering upgrading the GPU. Thankfully, according to an iFixit teardown, there are plenty of PCIe slots available for users to upgrade effortlessly.

That’s just what Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs did, and with the AMD 5700XT GPU, the Mac Pro gaming performance improved considerably. Some of the games were even subsequently able to reach 100 frames per second. The GPU costs $400, which compared to the price of the Mac Pro isn’t a lot, but it still makes you wonder why Apple didn’t bundle this itself in the first place for the base configuration.

Moreover, when it comes to PC gaming, you will undoubtedly be better off with a Windows PC than a Mac. Specifications aside, macOS doesn’t offer a lot as far as gaming titles are concerned. Thus, if you are primarily looking for a gaming desktop, the sorry state of Mac Pro’s gaming performance is right in front of you. However, the state of macOS landscape might change in the future, assuming Apple’s ‘gaming-focused’ Mac is launched this year.

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