How to Adjust Graphics Settings of PUBG Mobile on iOS and Android for Better Performance

Graphics Settings

PUBG Mobile lagging on your iOS device or Android? Don't panic, as we will show you how to adjust the graphics settings and make things far better.

Lower the Graphics Settings on PUBG Mobile and Regain Those Lost Frames While on the Go - Here's How You Do it

PUBG Mobile is finally available for download and it's a marvelous port of the game available on other platforms. Basically, if you're coming from another platform, you'll feel right at home. On the PC however, users will know how demanding the game can get in the graphics department. Thankfully, we have some toggle switches in place to tone things down so that everything runs nice and fast during your battles. Those very same toggle switches are available on mobile as well so you can counter problems related to dropped frames or performance. In fact, if you run the game for the very first time, you'll be greeted with this:

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Graphics Settings

Based on your mobile device's capabilities, PUBG Mobile will select the best possible attainable graphics settings. Of course, it can be a hit or miss in certain cases. So in that case, we'll show you how you can lower the graphics settings manually in the game. Follow the steps below for the tweaking.


Before you can access the graphics settings in PUBG Mobile, you have to first sign into the game. Please do so using either a guest account or your Facebook profile.

1. On the screen where you customize your character and do pretty much everything before getting matched, tap on the Settings icon on the top right hand corner. The icon is pretty tiny so you might have to scramble yourself in order to find it.

PUBG Mobile

2. Now select Graphics.

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3. Under Frame Rate, select either Medium or Low. And under Graphics select either Smooth or Balanced. Under Style, select No Style.

Graphics Settings

4. Save your settings and give the game a restart.

Everything should work fine and way better than before if you were having issues. If you are still experiencing dropped frames, then you might want to lower settings even more.

PUBG Mobile is absolutely free to download and play. Hit the links below in order to download the game.

Download PUBG Mobile for iOS [App Store link]
Download PUBG Mobile for Android [Google Play link]

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