Add Sticky Notes To Your iPhone Home Screen With Sticky Widgets


If you want to take advantage of the new widgets in iOS 14 and add sticky notes to your home screen, you are in luck. Sticky Widgets is a new app for iOS 14 which lets users add sticky notes to their iPhone or iPad home screen with various sizes and colors.

Although widgets are not a new concept and have been around for a few decades now on various platforms, they have finally been implemented in a way on iOS that users had been asking for. iPhone had first received first-party widgets with iOS 5 with stocks and weather widgets in the notifications center. With iOS 8, Apple opened up widgets to third-party developers, but they were restricted to appear only in the notifications shade, and were later moved to a left-swipe from the home screen where they still exist. With iOS 14, Apple finally allowed developers to create widgets that can actually be placed anywhere on the iPhone home screen, which is what users wanted in the first place. Unfortunately, iPad users can not place widgets anywhere on the home screen yet.

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Sticky Widgets for iOS 14 Brings Sticky Notes to iPhone Home Screen

The app does exactly as its name suggests - it lets you create a sticky note as a widget and add text to it. You can add multiple widgets with various sizes and colors. Sticky Widgets also lets you adjust the font and text color, and even add emojis to the text. To edit text, you simply tap on the sticky note, which opens its editable view.

There are three different sticky note sizes available. Once you add a note to your screen as a widget, you can edit it to customize its color, font, and change its note ID so that its content remains unique. All notes can be accessed from the app too for bulk editing.

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Here is the complete changelog for the latest version 1.1 update for Sticky Widgets:

  • Tons of new colors and fonts are available for users who upgrade
  • Emoji! You can use emoji in Sticky Widgets!
  • Text is now editable as soon as you tap on a note to open it
  • The app doesn't stop audio from playing any more
  • Things look much better in dark mode

Sticky Widgets is available for free from the App Store and can be used with a limited number of colors and font choices. A one-time in-app purchase of $1.99 gives you access to a range of fonts and notes colors. If you are into customizing your iOS 14 home screen, give the free version a try.

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Download Sticky Widgets from App Store

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