ABKONCORE Introduces the Silent Middle Tower Case S500

Abkoncore introduces the S500 Middle-Tower PC case, this middle tower PC case features noise insulation to keep the PC as quiet as possible and has the body and side panels both made using steel for a much sturdier PC case. While this case does feature noise insulation, the S500 does not lack in cooling options either being perfect for water cooling or for standard air cooling. This middle tower case also features a wide range of compatibility with larger computer components as well.

Abkoncore's S500 is an Ultra Silent Middle Tower PC case that still offers fantastic cooling!

While most cases feature fan holes on each side of the case or a tempered glass side panel, the S500 features a solid place design and noise insulation on the top, front, left, and right panel of the case. This larger amount of insulation is done to keep the PC's noise from leaving the case. This material is also used to suppress any vibrations that may be generated from the PC itself.

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On each side of the front of the case, there are air holes that easily sucks in the cold air from the outside and keeps the internal temperature perfect for virtually any PC component.

Source: Abkoncore

For cooling, the S500 PC case features support for two 140 mm fans, or three 120 mm fans mounted to the front of the case and a single 120 mm case fan mounted to the rear. The front is perfect for up to a 240 mm radiator to be installed.

Source: Abkoncore

The S500 PC case features a wide range of support for storage this includes a total of up to six 2.5" drive, and two 3.5" drives, the larger majority of the 2.5" drives is located on the backside of the motherboard. This PC is perfect for the builds that may use the larger and most likely louder graphics card as this case can fit a graphics card with a length of up to 390 mm while still supporting a CPU cooler height of up to 168 mm.

On the backside of the case, there are all of the storage locations, in addition to the power supply location, which features support for up to 225 mm long power supplies to be installed. Sadly, no pricing for this ultra-silent PC has been announced at this time.

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