Apple’s A14X Bionic, Codenamed ‘Tonga’ Will Reportedly Be Found in Both the 12-inch MacBook and New iPad Pro Models

Omar Sohail
Apple’s A14X Bionic, Codenamed ‘Tonga’ Will Reportedly Be Found in Both the 12-inch MacBook and New iPad Pro Models

Last time, when a tipster mentioned that Apple’s ARM-based MacBook lineup would not feature a chipset from the A-series, it was immediately assumed that the company would have a different name for its new portable Macs. However, a report originating from China believes against that, stating that both the upcoming iPad Pro models and the new MacBook would sport Apple’s next-generation ‘A14X’ SoC.

Release of the 12-inch MacBook Would Also Hint That the Upgraded iPad Pro Models Would Arrive Later This Year

A report from China Times mentions the presence of Apple’s ‘A14X’ present in both the upcoming 12-inch MacBook, as well as the iPad Pro.

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“Apple's supply chain industry pointed out that by the end of this year, Apple is expected to launch a Macbook with a 12-inch Retina Display, using a self-developed and designed A14X processor. The processor is codenamed Tonga and supports a USB Type-C interface. Less than 1 kilogram, because of the low power consumption of the Arm architecture processor, the battery life of the new Macbook can reach 15 to 20 hours. The A14X processor will also be used in the new generation of iPad Pro tablets.”

Strange enough, the report doesn’t refer to the new silicon as the A14X Bionic, only A14X as perhaps that’s what Apple’s supply chain could have been calling it. Also, just yesterday, the tipster Komiya decided to share the technical specifications of the 12-inch MacBook and he too mentioned that the machine would be lightweight and its battery endurance could reach between 15-20 hours. Unfortunately, it’s not confirmed if China Times and Komiya have taken the info from one another or if they have their own sources relaying them this stuff. Looks like we’ll find out in the future.

Additionally, the launch of the new iPad Pro models could happen alongside the 12-inch ARM-based MacBook. According to a previous report, if everything goes accordingly, we could be seeing the upgraded models as early as September, though previously published info said that due to the ‘complex design’ of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro’s mini-LED screen assembly, the product might get delayed to 2021.

With so much excitement in the air, it’s often difficult to remind our readers that they should treat all of this with a pinch of salt due to the level of uncertainty happening in the air right now. Of course, we’ll be here to update you guys on any changes in the future, so stay tuned for more.

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News Source: China Times

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