A Total War Saga: Troy – An Epic Success on the Epic Games Store

A Total War Saga: Troy

A Total War Saga: Troy is a brilliant game. This is something I made very clear in my review of the game just two days ago. What was always a surprise about its launch is that Epic Games and SEGA had done a deal where, on the first day, it would be given away completely free to anybody who claimed the game. Well, the results of this monumental giveaway have been revealed, and they are epic.

First, the summary of my review:

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With a focused approach, looking at the Trojan War, Total War Saga: Troy offers you the choice between following the story of the war or forging your own path, each time feeling different. This is enhanced by unique game mechanics for each faction within the game, though there are sadly a limited number, as well as adding mechanics that all factions work with like the favour of gods. This is backed up by a brilliant resource and city-management system, making this one of the more strategic Total War titles out there. There are some flaws, such as agents mostly feeling useless and a few small niggles with diplomacy and allied AI, but these are outshone by the aforementioned positives and a fantastically tactical combat system due to enhanced units and new terrain, as well as mythical units. Put simply, Total War Saga: Troy is an outstanding first entry from Creative Assembly Sofia and a fantastic entry to the Total War franchise, highlighting what the Saga spin-offs can bring.

So, this epic giveaway. A Total War Saga: Troy saw more than 7.5 million copies given away in its first day. Even if we round this down to 7.5 million, that's a mammoth number and one that SEGA couldn't have predicted in their wildest dreams. Going at the current sale price of £34.99/$49.99, that places this giveaway at a value of £262.425 million, or $374.925 million.

Creative Assembly's Chief Product Officer, Rob Bartholomew, had this to say:

We were optimistic but we couldn’t have predicted this level of excitement. It's been incredible to work with Epic on giving this brand new release away for free. Now we get to welcome so many strategy players – new and old – to experience this incredible Saga. We’re very happy.

Total War titles tend to sell significantly lower than this number, with Three Kingdoms: Total War hitting one million copies sold within its first week. If we work on a guess of two million Total War fans, who eventually buy the games, this has expanded the franchise to another 5.5 million people. If even 10% like this game (they will, it's brilliant) and buy into other Total War titles, past and future, as well as the DLC's, this will have been a fantastic move by Creative Assembly and SEGA.

For Epic Games, it shows that despite any reservations people may have about the store it can pull people in. From free games like this to the excellent sales figures of titles like Borderlands 3, World War Z, Metro Exodus and Satisfactory, the Epic Games Store is here to say.

Anyway. 7.5 million free copies of a brand new Total War title. You should be playing it, get to it, conquer Troy!

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