This 4K Ghostwire Tokyo Showcase With DLSS on an NVIDIA RTX 3090 Shows an Utrarealistic Tokyo

Aernout van de Velde
ghostwire tokyo showcase 4k dlss reshade

A new realistic Ghostwire Tokyo showcase has Tango GameWorks’ latest title running in 4K with DLSS on an NVIDIA RTX 3090. 

Ghostwire Tokyo is quite the looker on PC, especially on higher-end systems with ray tracing, and we now have a new ultrarealistic showcase of the game in 4K resolution, courtesy of German YouTube channel ‘Digital Dreams’.  

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This video shows the game with NVIDIA's Deep Learning Super Sampling technique enabled to enhance the upscale the game's visuals. In addition, the showcase uses the creator's own custom ReShade raytracing preset in order to make the game look as realistic as possible. The results are quite impressive and are well worth your time. Check out the video down below and judge for yourself. 

Ghostwire Tokyo is available now globally for PC and PlayStation 5. We reviewed the game upon release and praised its visuals, universe, and exploration. 

The main story is decent if too predictable in its development. However, the cast of characters is intriguing enough to have the potential to be further developed in future DLCs or sequels. I've even played the free Ghostwire: Tokyo Prelude visual novel just to see if it could shed some additional backstory on them, but it's far too short and limited to accomplish anything of the sort. 

Overall, Tango Gameworks crafted a universe that seems ripe for expansion with its seamless meld of modern setting and Japanese mythology. Even the Visitors themselves are excellently designed both narratively and visually. There are so many of them worth noting, from the overworked and impeccably dressed suits that turn into zealous Rain Walkers to the machete-wielding Rain Slashers born from deep workplace enmity, from the Paper Dolls (people who were forced to always have a smiling facade and are now pouring out all the negative energy they've accumulated inside) to the headless Students of Misery and Pain, dragged down by extreme anxiety and restlessness for their futures. 

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