2022 Mac Pro With Apple Silicon Might Be Less Upgradeable Than 2019 Mac Pro

Ali Salman
2022 Mac Pro less Upgradeable Than 2019 Model

Apple is gradually transitioning to its custom silicon from Intel. While the transition is still not complete, we are expecting the company to introduce a plethora of new Macs with Apple silicon. Moreover, we are expecting Apple to upgrade the Mac Pro with powerful internals later this year. Now, a new analysis has emerged that aims to reflect that the 2022 Mac Pro model will be less upgradeable compared to the 2019 Mac Pro. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

2022 Mac Pro Might Take a Step Back When It Comes to Upgradeability Compared to 2019 Model

Apple's upcoming Mac Pro will be a very powerful machine and we can judge this based on how powerful the new M1 Max chip is in the MacBook Pro models. Henceforth, we can safely presume that the 2022 Mac Pro will be a powerhouse. However, a new piece from Macworld denotes that the 2022 Mac Pro will be less upgradeable than the 2019 model.

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It was revealed in benchmark tests last month how Apple Silicon chips are optimized for ProRes video compared to the 2019 Mac Pro. Macworld notes that the integration between Apple hardware with its ProRes codec has more to offer than just rendering faster.

This same speed advantage can be applied across other facets of ProRes video editing. Intensive tasks like noise reduction and stabilization typically are faster on the M1 Max.

Take note that the M1 Max chip in the MacBook Pro loses its advantage over the 2019 Mac Pro when you leave ProRes out of the question. The M1 Max loses to the 2019 Mac Pro when it comes to R3D playback as well as export. In this condition, Apple will require raw power which is rumored in the form of 128 graphics cores. The 2019 Mac Pro was designed with better thermal management controls and better modularity compared to the 2013 Mac Pro.

2022 Mac Pro less Upgradeable Than 2019 Model

Now, Thiago Trevisan from Macworld coins that Apple will take a step back when it comes to the form factor and upgradeability of the 2022 Mac Pro.

An Apple silicon Mac Pro may eliminate some of these needs with its hyper-performance GPU and optimized software. Thermal concerns are likely void, as Apple Silicon is efficient, and the Mac Pro enclosure will typically allow for better airflow compared to the MacBook Pro […]

With the current design of Apple silicon having everything integrated on a chip, we’re not sure how or if Apple will implement any such upgradability that has been vital to the needs of current Mac Pro customers […]

All of this comes at what should be a more affordable price and better energy consumption compared to the 2019 Mac Pro. This initial cheaper price may be offset by less upgradability, however, making it more likely you’ll need to purchase a new machine when it’s time to upgrade.

With everything soldered on the M1 Max chip, the room for upgradeability is short. We are not sure how Apple will go about this aspect if it sees fit to give pro users an option to upgrade. While performance delivery might not be a big issue for many, it can still pose an unappealing deal for people looking to retain their machine for years through upgrades.

This is all there is to it, folks. What are your thoughts on the 2022 Mac Pro and the limited choice of upgrading that could potentially be part of the mix? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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