iPhone 13 With 1TB of Storage Might Be Arriving Next Year, Hints Tipster

iPhone 13 With 1TB of Storage Might Be Arriving Next Year, Hints Tipster

The maximum capacity variants that Apple continues to sell on its online store and through its various retail partners and other mediums is 512GB. While half a terabyte is regarded as overkill for lots of users, a boatload of you will agree that as soon as you crank up the video resolution and frame rate, that internal capacity will dwindle rather quickly. With the iPhone 13, it looks like Apple might be introducing, for the first time ever, 1TB storage models. At least that’s what is hinted at by a tipster.

For 2021, Apple May Introduce 8K Video Recording for the First Time, Which Will Require Gobs and Gobs of Storage

Even before the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were officially available to purchase, we were getting a small dose of iPhone 13 rumors. One of them, which is related to the optics, talks about Apple introducing the ability for the iPhone 13 to capture stabilized 8K footage at 45FPS through an anamorphic lens. While we did mention our readers to treat that rumor with a pinch of salt, we still want to talk about how much storage 8K footage actually consumes.

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On the Galaxy S20 series, each minute of recording 8K video at 30FPS consumes 600MB of storage, and though you only have a 5-minute recording limit when the 8K option is toggled, if you do the math, it comes to 3GB of storage per clip. Using a 512GB storage model, you’ll only have headroom to record around 170 of these 5-minute 8K 30FPS videos, but since a lot of that capacity will be used up by the operating system and applications, the total number of clips you can record will be far less.

Then again, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be open to recording that many ultra-high-definition videos but if what Jon Prosser says is true, then iPhone 13 models with 1TB of internal storage will open up a lot of opportunities for users, especially when it comes to the camera. Apple continues to improve the camera technology for its smartphone lineup, and though the company has limited users to recording at 4K 60FPS, 2021 could bring 8K support for all iPhone 13 models.

Then again, it’s possible Apple might simply want to introduce 1TB models because its close competitors in the smartphone market have already been churning out similar offerings since last year. We’ll just have to wait and see what the company’s decision is for next year, so stay tuned.

News Source: Jon Prosser

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