2020 Mac Mini Update Brings Double Storage Capacity to All Variants

Mar 18, 2020

Apple has updated Mac mini with double storage capacity, for both available configurations. For the same price as before, users can now get double the SSD storage capacity than before.

Last year, Apple had reduced the price for storage upgrades for Mac mini, however, it was still shipping the base models with 128GB and 256GB SSD, for $799 and $1,099, respectively. This has changed now as customers can get 256GB and 512GB SSD, for the same prices.

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Apple announced these new Mac mini upgrades in its 2020 MacBook Air press release:

Whether they are using it as a desktop computer, a music and movie storage hub for the family, or as a code compile server for Xcode, customers love Mac mini. The standard configurations of Mac mini now come with double the storage capacity. The $799 configuration now comes standard with 256GB, while the $1,099 configuration features 512GB of storage, and every Mac mini is made from 100 percent recycled aluminum.

Here is how much the SSD storage upgrades cost now:

$799 Mac mini

  • 512GB: $200
  • 1TB: $400
  • 2TB: $800

$1,099 Mac mini

  • 1TB: $200
  • 2TB: $600

Apart from the storage capacity bump, the Mac mini is basically the same as it was introduced back in 2018. Apple is still shipping the Mac mini with 8th generation Intel processors, even though most other OEMs ship computers with 10th generation Intel processors now. Both Mac mini configurations still ship with just 8GB memory too, which is really low by today’s standards. Bumping the memory to 16GB adds an additional $200 to the cost, but there are cheaper upgrades available via other sources.

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The Mac mini was announced as an entry-level Mac with pro-level performance in 2018. Despite its aging processor, it is still a very powerful machine and can be expanded thanks to its use of Thunderbolt 3, and non-soldiered RAM modules. It is also the most affordable Mac in Apple’s product line-up.

Apple also announced a number of other product upgrades today. Check out our coverage of all the announcements:

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