2020 iPhone 12 Launch Could Be Delayed to December or Later Due to COVID-19-Related Lockdowns, Says New Report


There is still a massive cloud of uncertainty looming over the 2020 iPhone 12 launch, and despite the fact that activity has slowly resumed at Apple’s supply chain side, it will still take a while before things normalize. According to the latest report, it’s possible that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple might be forced to release its four iPhone 12 models much later this year. Worst case scenario, we’ll get to see them next year.

Wedbush Analysts Only See a Maximum 15 Percent Chance That the 2020 iPhone 12 Launch Will Happen in October

Analysts Daniel Ives and Strecker Backe view a slim 10-15 percent chance that Apple will release the new family of iPhones in October. It’s still unclear whether the September 2020 keynote will take place or not, but we’re expected to find out in the future. After all, if Apple can cancel its March media event due to the coronavirus outbreak, what’s stopping the California-based giant from canceling its September event?

During Apple’s M1 Development Phase, COVID-19 Forced Engineers to Install Cameras in Labs and Inspect Every Chip Remotely

The reason for a 2020 iPhone 12 launch delay in October is because Apple’s supply chain is reportedly still on a path to normalization, and it may take a few more months before plans to ramp up production to 100 percent commence. The news we’ve heard so far is that the iPhone 12 prototyping phase is about to finalize, so we might hear a positive update in the future.

Unfortunately, prototyping of all four models should have started a lot sooner, but Apple executives couldn’t visit China due to banned flight paths. As mentioned above, the 2020 iPhone 12 launch will comprise up of four models, but here’s some extra information for those that are interested. Two of them will carry cheaper price tags, as they will sport fewer cameras and less RAM than the two more expensive models, which are being called the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max for now.

The best part about this launch is Apple is rumored to unveil all four models with OLED screens, so that’s a nice change for a start. Unfortunately, none of that is going to be any fun if the 2020 iPhone 12 launch doesn’t happen on schedule, now is it?

News Source: SeekingAlpha