iPhone 12 Lineup to Feature ‘High-End’ Camera Lens but Not Specified if It’s the 7P Design to Improve Image Quality

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iPhone 12 Lineup to Feature ‘High-End’ Camera Lens but Not Specified if It’s the 7P Design to Improve Image Quality

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has come up with another report. This time, he states that the upcoming iPhone 12 family will tout a ‘high-end’ camera lens in order to boost image quality. The term high-end is no doubt subjective and can mean a lot of things, so let us discuss this in more detail, shall we?

Apple’s Supplier Largan Will Provide Shipments of These ‘High-End’ Camera Lenses Starting Mid-July

Kuo mentions in his report that while Largan will provide shipments for premium camera lenses, it’s estimated that production for the second half of this year has been delayed by 4-6 weeks. The supplier used to deliver components slightly earlier in the previous years, but it’s possible that the ongoing pandemic is responsible for this delay, though Kuo hasn’t mentioned this in his note.

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He also fails to mention what kind of ‘high-end’ lens will actually be found in the upcoming iPhone 12 series. However, AppleInsider notes that he mentioned that the iPhone 12 lineup would be integrated with a 7P or seven-element lens solution in an earlier report. For those that don’t know, a 7P lens greatly improves image quality as it increases the light transmission rate compared to previous models.

To remind you, the iPhone 11 Pro sports a 5P lens for its ultrawide camera and a 6P lens for both wide and telephoto cameras. It’s not confirmed if all cameras will be treated to a 7P lens solution but if that’s the case, then it should greatly help with image quality when taking stills or when capturing video.

If you’re unaware, there are a total of four iPhone 12 models expected to arrive later this year, and according to what rumors are saying, the new series should start from $549 for the 4G-only version which will be available in select markets.

For those that want a 5G-ready version, the iPhone 12 will reportedly start from $649, so it’s not a bad base price for a handset that will sport a ‘high-end’ lens now is it?

News Source: AppleInsider

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