Key 2019 iPhone XI Max Leak Seemingly Confirms A Triple Camera Setup


Heading towards September, leaks and rumors for the 2019 iPhone lineup are starting to condense around a handful of features. So far, the majority of sources believe that Apple will redesign the smartphones' rear camera setup. While the 2018 iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max feature a stacked rear camera setup, their successors will shake things up a bit. Now, we've got another leak for the 2019 iPhones' rear camera setup. Take a look below for more details.

Camera Protectors For The 2019 iPhone XS Max And 2019 iPhone XR Confirm New Sensors For The Gadgets

As has been the case for the past couple of years, camera performance continues to play an important role in high-end smartphones. Apple made quite a fuss about 'Smart HDR' at last year's iPhone launch, as the Cupertino tech giant looked to one-up Google in computational photography.

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On that note, several leaks for the 2019 iPhone lineup that have taken place so far suggest that Apple will introduce an additional camera sensor on both the 2019 iPhone XR and the iPhones XS, XS Max. For the iPhone XI(R), this is expected to be a Telephoto lens that will enable optical zoom on the gadget. For the other two, the additional lens will be a Super-Wide angle sensor expected to have a Field-of-View ranging in between 120° and 130°.

The good folks over at Mobilefun have diligently managed to score rear camera protectors for the 2019 iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XI(R). These are an exact copy of leaked production molds from Apple's facilities in China, and some renders of the gadgets shared by tipsters. Additionally, the protectors also confirm the types of lenses that we'll find on the gadgets, and the leak highlights the dimensional differences between last year's and this year's camera setups for the iPhone.

All in all, today's leak confirms that Apple is sticking with its old ways of waiting before launching new technologies on the iPhone. In the past, the strategy served it well, but the company might not be so lucky in the future. Apple needs to change as its competitors aren't playing around, and they leave little room for mistakes when executing new features. In any case, it looks as if it's up to the Cupertino tech giant's loyal fan base to keep things running smoothly.

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