2013 MacBook Air And Pro Update Expected At WWDC 2013


For quite some time now it has been rumored that Apple is going to announce 2013 MacBook Air and Pro models at its Worldwide Developers Conference. This annual conference is taking place on 10th June, in San Francisco. After checks at various retailers, it has been ascertained over the last couple of weeks that supplies of Apple's laptops are thin. This has led us to believe that the company may indeed be gearing up to release new 2013 MacBook Air and Pro models at the conference. The rumor mill seems to agree too, and many analysts that track Apple have also chimed in about this possibility.


Recently Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple analyst at KGI Securities, predicted that Apple will be keeping 2013 MacBook Air and Pro update in the 'spotlight' at WWDC 2013. What this means is that these new laptops will be the highlight of this event, alongside the new iOS 7 and OS X software updates. We've seen Apple unveil new hardware at WWDC in the past as well. In the past couple of months an iPhone 5S release at WWDC 2013 has been rumored as well, though it is now widely believed that a new Apple smartphone isn't coming until the holiday season. In all of the chatter we have heard about new MacBook models, there has been no mention of design changes. Therefore it is expected for now that the new Apple laptops will only come with changes that have been made under the hood.

Ming believes that the FaceTime camera on MacBook Pro with Retina Display will be upgraded, the laptop itself is claimed to be slightly thinner than its predecessor. The extra thicknes has reportedly been shaved off to improve the portability of this laptop. For the purpose of vastly improving video conferencing quality on the Retina MacBook Pro, its FaceTime camera will reportedly be upgraded to a full HD module. Currently dual built-in microphone is standard on the aforementioned laptop, Ming believes that it will bring brought over to the 2013 MacBook Air model as well.

As far as the processors go, both laptops are reportedly going to be powered by Intel's next generation Haswell processors. Intel has said that due to the efficient power management qualities of these processors, laptops running on Haswell chips will have 50% better battery life as opposed to previous generation processors. The 2013 Macbook Air and Pro models are said to retain their current price points.