11 And 13 Inch MacBook Air Variants Enter Production – 12 Inch Retina Macbook To Arrive With 14nm Intel Broadwell

Ramish Zafar

Word has finally appeared related to Apple's MacBooks. With all the hype surrounding the iPhone 6 and the iPads, we were left wondering at what Cupertino was up to with its popular notebook range. Well, wonder no more. Taiwan's economic daily news has several updates for us in this regard. These cover the 11 and 13 inch variants of the MacBook Air as well as a much anticipated 12 inch Retina MacBook Pro.

Both MacBook Airs Enter Production - 12 Inch Retina MacBook To Arrive In Q3 Or 2015

The Chinese seem to have several updates for us related to the popular notebooks. These cover both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. According to TDEN, Apple has finally entered the production phase for the 11 and 13 inch variants of the MacBook Air. The notebooks have headed into production with Apple's partners, Quanta Production. This, according to the report will increase Quanta's notebook production by 15%. In addition, these new variants will feature several upgrades as well. They will come with new chipsets, new displays and an upgraded chassis.

Now, coming towards the more anticipated 12 inch Retina MacBook. According to the report, Apple will launch the notebook sometime around Q3 of this year or in the start of 2015. This is because the 12-inch Retina MacBook is to feature Intel's next generation 14 nm Broadwell SKUs. These will end up giving the notebook several performance boosts. Since Intel's 14 nm Broadwell has repeatedly suffered from delays, so the 12-inch Retina MacBook has also been seeing delays. With the arrival of Broadwell-M, we can also expect to see the 12-inch Retina MacBook with us. BDY-M is expected to arrive this September.


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