6 Ways That Can Make The Battery On Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Last Longer


With the dawn of the smartphone era, the way we look at and interact with our phones has been changed forever. Phones nowadays aren't restricted only to making calls and sending text messages. Thanks to advances in functionality, you can now do countless tasks on your phone, ranging from taking pictures, making videos, browsing the internet and playing games. However, the one area that smartphones currently lack is a long lasting battery life. Battery timings on most of the devices out there is far from impressive. So today we have good news for all the Samsung Galaxy S5 users out there. We've made a list of things that will make the battery on your Samsung Galaxy S5 last longer. So lets start!

1) Check Your Wallpapers.

Wallpapers are what bring life to the home screen of your Galaxy S5. The amount of wallpapers out there can very well be said to be infinite. These are surely to satisfy even the most pickiest of users. However, if you're not careful, wallpapers will end up draining your battery more than they should. There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to wallpapers on your Samsung Galaxy S5. These are:

  1. Avoid Live Wallpapers.

The charm of live wallpapers is not hard to see. Whats better than a wallpaper which adds life to your home screen? But the facts still remain the same. Live wallpapers end up adding a further strain on your battery, and end up taking up to perhaps 5% of your battery. Save that crucial battery life by switching to static ones. We're sure there are plenty out there.

              2. Choose your wallpaper carefully.

As you all might know, not all wallpapers require the same amount of energy. A white background on your Samsung Galaxy S5's AMOLED screen is going to end up drawing a lot more energy than a black one. This is because in a black wallpaper, the pixels on the display do not need to be turned on at all. This naturally ends up conserving battery life.

2) Turn Air Wake Up Off.

Air wake up is a very cool feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5. It wakes the smartphone up from its low powered state when you put your hand or head next to the earpiece. This ends up avoiding many hassles during use. However, the drawback of this is that your Samsung Galaxy S5 accidentally 'wakes' up quite a few times unnecessarily during the course of the day.

3) Set The Screen To Monochrome.

Another option on the Samsung Galaxy S5 that'll help you save the battery is to set the display to monochrome. This can be done without making the phone enter the emergency or the Ultra Power Save mode. To do this, Go to Settings - Power Saving -  Power Saving mode - and turn monochrome on. There's an option on the bottom about Greyscale as well. Check that as well and voila! You've saved some precious battery time indeed.

4) Enable Auto Adjust Screen Tone.

Another option on the Samsung Galaxy S5 automatically varies the screen brightness according to the image that you're viewing. So if you're viewing an image that's exceptionally white, you won't need a very bright screen for that, and if the screen is bright then you're wasting energy. To enable this option, go to the display menu in setting and check the auto adjust screen tone option.

5) Set The Phone To Power Save Mode.

To use the best of the phone's built in features to conserve battery, turn on the power save mode. This mode automatically restricts processor performance when you're not running heavy applications. The power save mode also allows you to restrict frame rate and turn off the GPS on your Samsung Galaxy S5. It removes the vibration feedback on the phone and also turns the screen off 3 seconds after a notification has been received. So take your pick accordingly.

6) Turn Off Smart Stay.

Smart Stay is arguably one the most novel features of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The feature uses the front camera on the device to detect when you're looking at it and therefore turns the screen on. However be warned. Turning this feature off will result your display turning off repeatedly while you're reading or browsing. A workaround this is too set the display timeout to a longer time period, like two minutes.