Intel Devil’s Canyon Launching on 2nd June 2014 – Intel Haswell Refresh and 9 Series H97 / Z97 Chipset Date Confirmed

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We have been telling you about this in our previous leaks for quite some time now, but the official confirmation (by VR Zone) comes no less the sweeter. All our previous Haswell Refresh and Intel 9 Series Chipset leaks have been more or less confirmed, and not only that, but the dates for the Intel Haswell, 9 Series Chipset and Devil’s Canyon has been confirmed.Intel Haswell Refresh Devil's Canyon

Intel Haswell Refresh and 9 Series Chipset launching on May 11th – Devils Canyon and Pentium K Following 2nd June 2014

I guess I don’t really have a lot of information for this particular post apart from the fact that I can now completely confirm the launch dates of all the upcoming Intel SKUs. Basically the Intel 9 Series Chipset Z97 and H97 will be launching along with the Haswell Refresh lineup. The Devils Canyon ‘K’ Unlocked Haswell Refresh will be following along with their Pentium ‘K’ counterparts on the second day of June 2014. Several Z97 motherboard lineups have so far been leaked which include MSI’s Z97 Gaming, ASUS Z97 ROG, ASUS Z97 TUF, ASUS Z97 Legacy and Gigabyte’s Gaming lineup. The Intel Haswell Refresh processors launching on 11th May are listed below:

Intel Haswell Refresh SKUsCores/ThreadsCore ClockCachePrice ($)
Celeron G18402 / 22.8 GHz2 MB$42
Celeron G1840T2 / 22.5 GHz2 MB$42
Celeron G18502 / 22.9 GHz2 MB$52
Pentium G32402 / 23.1 GHz3 MB$64
Pentium G3240T2 / 22.7 GHz3 MB$64
Pentium G34402 / 23.3 GHz3 MB$75
Pentium G3440T2 / 22.8 GHz3 MB$75
Pentium G34502 / 23.4 GHz3 MB$86
Core i3-41502 / 43.5 GHz3 MB$117
Core i3-4150T2 / 43 GHz3 MB$117
Core i3-43502 / 43.6 GHz4 MB$138
Core i3-4350T2 / 43.1 GHz4 MB$138
Core i3-43602 / 43.7 GHz4 MB$149
Core i5-44604 / 43.2 GHz6 MB$182
Core i5-4460S4 / 42.9 GHz6 MB$182
Core i5-45904 / 43.3 GHz6 MB$192
Core i5-4590S4 / 43 GHz6 MB$192
Core i5-4590T4 / 42 GHz6 MB$192
Core i5-46904 / 43.5 GHz6 MB$213
Core i5-4690S4 / 43.2 GHz6 MB$213
Core i5-4690T4 / 42.5 GHz6 MB$213
Core i7-4785T4 / 82.2 GHz8 MB$303
Core i7-47904 / 83.6 GHz8 MB$303
Core i7-4790S4 / 83.2 GHz8 MB$303
Core i7-4790T4 / 82.7 GHz8 MB$303

Devil’s Canyon along with Pentium Unlocked Processors will be coming in June 2 ( redundancy? ). Devil’s Canyon will feature improved TIM and will actually be a true upgrade as compared to the above mentioned processors which are basically just architectural improvements and about 100 – 200 Mhz frequency bumps. The Core i7-4790K will be the flagship processor of the Haswell Refresh lineup and the first 22nm consumer CPU to obtain clock frequency of 4 GHz. It will feature 4 cores and 8 threads along with a fully unlocked design which will allow users to overclock the chip past the limits thanks to the improved thermal design and updated package materials.

Intel seems to finally be fixing the heatsink issue faced on Ivy Bridge and Haswell once and for all with their upcoming Haswell Refresh processors. Featuring an improved design that incorporates updated packaging materials, improved TIM (Thermal Interface) and processors that are specifically re-engineered for enhanced performance and overclocking. So many users who have been waiting for Intel to update their TIM design since Ivy Bridge can now check out the new processors for their overclocking needs.


Intel Devil’s Canyon AKA Haswell Refresh K-Series Official Photo:

Intel Devil's Canyon

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