Zelda Breath of The Wild Cemu 60 FPS Hack In The Works; Proof of Concept Released

Francesco De Meo
Zelda Breath of the Wild

Following the release of The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild, the developers of the Cemu Wii U emulator have managed to vastly improve it, going so far as making the whole game playable from beginning to end. Others have tried to improve the emulated game in several ways, and something major is in the works.

A few hours ago, modder Xalphenos revealed that he has been working on a 60 FPS hack for Zelda Breath of The Wild that can be used with the Cemu emulator. As of now, the hack is still a sort of proof of concept, as it doesn't work outdoors.

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To answer two quick questions I’ve had several times so far. What about 30 outdoors?
Basically, I’ve really only scratched the surface of debugging this thing. It may turn out to be completely simple or completely complicated. I’ve some ideas if it turns out to be complicated but I’m not really ready to abandon the idea that it may be simple. I find assembly hacking/debugging very fun. So I’m going to keep working on it in my spare time.

Is there a soft cap of 30 outdoors?
I’m not sure. I think it was Epigramx who said it but “I can’t hack you better hardware” While it would be cool to find some magical 30 fps lock that can be turned off I’m highly skeptical of that being the case. There are actually a few people who have reported getting 60 in the open world with skip fence on. So I’m pretty sure 30 fps outdoors is a hardware limitation.

To download the hack and learn more about the matter, you can check out the Cemu subreddit. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is out now on Wii U and Switch.

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