You Can Save Tons of Money on microSD and SD Cards from SanDisk and Samsung Today [Deals from Just $6]


It wouldn't be Prime Day if you can't save anything on a microSD or SD card, right? There are some wonderful discounts to be had today on a wide range of memory products.

Grab Yourself a microSD or SD Card this Prime Day for as Little as Just $6

If you are reading this, there is a high chance that you have something in your home or office that requires a microSD or SD card for storing stuff. It can be a camera, a drone, even a laptop. Whatever it might be, and if it needs memory right now, then Prime Day has the right deals for you.

The products on sale are from Samsung and SanDisk. Everything listed below has a particular use-case. If it's a memory card for a Nintendo Switch, it's in there. If you need something that can handle 4K video, it's in there as well.

So, without talking any further, let's have a look at what is on offer, shall we?

Buy SanDisk Extreme microSD Card - From just $10.29
Buy SanDisk microSD Card for Nintendo Switch - From just $25
Buy SanDisk Ultra microSD Card - From Just $6
Buy SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card - From just $11
Buy SanDisk Ultra SD Card - From just $7.95
Buy Samsung Evo Select microSD Card - From just $7.49

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