Yakuza 6 New Screenshot Shows Huge Improvement Over Playable Demo


Earlier this year, all those who have purchased the PS3/PS4 remake of the original Yakuza called Yakuza: Kiwami, have received a very nice bonus, a playable demo of the next entry of the series, Yakuza 6. Being an early playable demo, the final game will definitely end up being different, and today we can finally learn more on how SEGA is improving the game.

Earlier today, a brand new screenshot taken from the final version of Yakuza 6 surfaced online. The screenshot features a close-up of main character Kazuma Kiryu which looks noticeably better than a similar scene seen in the playable demo from a few months back. You can check out both the new screenshot and the older one from the demo right below.


Yakuza 6 is the next main entry of the popular series known as Ryu ga Gotoku in Japan. The game has been announced during last year's Tokyo Game Shown Sony conference as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Not much is currently known about the game, not counting what we have learned from the already mentioned playable demo released earlier this year alongside Yakuza: Kiwami: Yakuza 6 will retain the same gameplay experience of its predecessors, with players controlling main character Kazuma Kiryu as he travels through a variety of locations and fights several different enemies in an over the top combat system.

While Yakuza 6 has been confirmed for Japan, the game's Western release hasn't been confirmed. The previous entry of the series, Yakuza 5, took quite a long time to get released in North America and Europe so it may take some time to learn more about a possible Western release.

Yakuza 6 is currently scheduled for an Autumn 2016 release date in Japan exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game has yet to be confirmed for North America and Europe.