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X-RANGERS: Defenders of Gaming – Powered by XFX Radeon HD7970


What would you do if all of your graphic cards were about to be blown along with the rest of your city? Call in the X:Rangers, The Defenders of Gaming powered by AMD's all new DX11 GCN Architecture based GPU - HD7970. They'll punch the guts of those bad boys by using their XFACTOR, XPERIENCE, XCELERATE, XFORMANCE, XPERTISE abilities.

Watch the hilarious ad below:

If you want to join X-Rangers to defend the gaming world from baddies, Get yourself an XFX Radeon HD7970 today. The new GPU packs the latest Double Dissipation heatsink which offers great cooling over stock heatsink along with great performance of the Tahiti XT Core. Link to product here.