Xiaomi Mi4c Pricing Details Revelation Shows The Most Affordable Snapdragon 808 Handset

Omar Sohail

Xiaomi Mi4c has shown once again that the low-margin business model of the company is going to be run perfectly in its favor thanks to the pricing details that we have received of the device. If you ever wanted to get your hands on an affordable but astoundingly powerful Snapdragon powered smartphone, then Xiaomi Mi4c is your best bet.

Xiaomi Mi4c Release Date And Pricing Details Confirmed – See Everything Here

Previously we reported that that Xiaomi Mi4c was going to be the first smartphone from the company’s lineup to have a Type-C USB port. Combine that with a Snapdragon 808 SoC and not only do you get a handset that is highly affordable, but with Quick Charge 2.0 kicking in, the smartphone will charge from 0-60 percent in just a matter of 30 minutes and transfer speeds will be at an all-time high. Furthermore, there will be two models available to purchase. Both differences between the smartphones have been highlighted below.

  • 16GB storage model will have 2GB of RAM
  • 32GB storage model will have 3GB of RAM

The 32GB storage model sounds like a definite no-brainer since it will provide twice the amount of internal memory and a whole gigabyte of RAM higher than the 16GB model. Naturally, the additional hardware will result in a higher price tag, but looking at the company’s low-margin business model, we are pretty sure that it will not affect the end-user’s financial position.

Since it is a Snapdragon 808 powered smartphone, there is also going to be an LTE modem present, along with a large 3,080mAh battery. In comparison, the company’s highly affordable Redmi Note 2 features a 3,060mAh battery pack, as well as a killer price tag. Now coming to the pricing details and announcement date of Xiaomi Mi4c, a source stated that the smartphone will be announced on September 22, and its starting price is going to be 1,499 Yuan, or $235 USD. The 3GB RAM version could feature a $250 price but we will wait for more details.

Another feature that is going to be present in the smartphone is an Infrared Port. According to Xiaomi Today, this feature will be used as a security function, but we are going to have wait and see the details of the announcement in order to receive confirmation. Keep in mind that the company is going to keep limited units of the smartphone, which is a smart move on its part, otherwise sales of Redmi Note 2 might suffer because of this.

Do you guys feel that Xiaomi Mi4c is going to be a huge success, or will it be brushed aside as an unpopular smartphone? Let us know your thoughts.


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