Xiaomi Mi4c Will Come In Two Models – Pricing Details Leaked As Well

Omar Sohail

Xiaomi Mi4c is slated for a September 24 release date, and we have got to know that there is not going to be one, but two models that are most probably going to introduced at the aforementioned date. Let us take a look at their hardware specifications.

Xiaomi Mi4c Will Also Be Available To Purchase In The 32gb Storage Model, Which Will Have 3GB Of RAM

According to a source, Xiaomi Mi4c is going to be available in both the 16GB and 32GB storage models. The 16GB model is going to feature 2GB of RAM, while the 32GB storage model is going to sport 3GB of RAM. With this new revelation, the 3GB RAM model will obviously look to be the better model to purchase since the chipset running inside both devices is going to be Snapdragon 808.

It was also revealed that Xiaomi is going to be releasing just 100,000 units of its Mi4c, but with this new revelation, will it be 100,000 units for each model, making it a total of 200,000 units, or for both of them combined? Looks like we going to have to find out when the device is officially announced by the company. We suspect that apart from the storage and amount of RAM, the remaining specification details are going to remain constant between the two smartphones.

This will include a Type-C USB port, which will provide high transferring speeds when you want to move content from one device to the other, along with a large 3,080mAh battery. One primary reason why Xiaomi Mi4c is going to be available in a limited amount of units is because the company obviously does not the sales of its Redmi Note 2 to suffer. Moreover, there is a possibility that the company will be releasing a more expensive, yet more powerful variant of its Redmi Note 2, which is going to be packing a Helio X20 SoC, so the firm will need some adequate amount of resources in order to make this happen.

Coming to the pricing details of Xiaomi Mi4c, the 2GB RAM is going to be retailing for $220, which only means that the 3GB RAM model is going to carry an even larger price tag. Looks like all the elusive details will be known about both smartphones during this month. Do you guys feel that Xiaomi Mi4c is a worthy upgrade? Let us know your thoughts.


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