XCOM 2 Launch Day Mods Receive First Details, Will Add New Enemy Type And More


Two weeks ago Fireaxis Games and 2K have announced that they have partnered with Long War Studios to create XCOM 2 content. The announcement made more than a few XCOM series fans happy, as Long War Studios is the team behind one of the more popular XCOM mods, Long War. With last month's announcement, it's also been confirmed that content from Long War Studios is going to be available at launch for XCOM 2.

Not much was previously known about the XCOM 2 launch day mods, but more on the matter has emerged online recently thanks to an interview by Eurogamer with the team. According to Long War Studios team members, players will be able to use submachine guns, which will make a soldier faster and harder to detect, enjoy a new set of leadership perks and fight a new type of enemy called the Muton Centurion thanks to launch day mods.

Long War Studios isn't the only team that's going to release XCOM 2 mods. Two weeks ago Dragonware Studio has confirmed that they're planning to add a co-op mode to the game.

Been wanting to play XCom with your friends in a cooperative setting? The Multiplayer Mod is by far our most anticipated mod, and if we have our way it will be the first available!

How will it work?
Version 1 will add an additional button under the “Select Soldier” button, “Invite Player”. This button will allow you to access your Steam friend’s list and invite a friend of your choice to take ownership of that soldier on the upcoming mission. Once invited, your friend will control the soldier menu in order to outfit their controlled soldier.
After the mission is complete, your friend will return to their own game along with any XP and loot they’ve earned from the mission.

XCOM 2 will launch on February 9th on PC in all regions.