DF: Xbox One X “Offering PC’s best” Halo Wars 2 Presentation; Essentially On Par With Maxed Out PC at 4K Ultra HD

xbox one x halo wars 2 vs pc

The upcoming Xbox One X is offering the PC’s best presentation of Halo Wars 2 with the game essentially visually on par with a maxed out PC at native 4K.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry was given direct access to an early Halo Wars 2 Xbox One X build running in native 4K, and it appears that Microsoft’s upcoming console is indeed capable of impressive results. While an early One X was tested, the enhanced Xbox One console even looks better than the PC version at some occasions. “We only have really limited comparison points thus far - essentially based around the tutorial and the first mission - but there are areas where Xbox One X looks better than the maxed-out PC experience, though whether this down to work-in-progress lighting bugs or by deliberate design remains to be seen”, Digital Foundry writes.

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You can watch the Xbox One X/PC Halo Wars 2 comparison video below:

The main difference with the maxed out PC version comes in terms of performance according to Digital Foundry. The Xbox One X runs at 30FPS, though small performance dips occur in stressful scenes. These dips are rare though, and one should remember that an early build has been tested.

“As things stand, first impressions suggest that Halo Wars 2 looks set to deliver exactly what Microsoft set out to achieve with the title - a fully featured port with a 4x boost to resolution that offers a night and day improvement to clarity, delivering particular benefits for this style of game”, Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter concludes. “In revisiting Halo Wars 2 across the existing formats, the X code is offering PC's best presentation - or something very close to it - and only falls short in terms of 60fps and controller support.”

Halo Wars 2 is available now for Xbox One and PC.

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