Xbox One Will Push More Objects With DirectX 12 – Budget Grade Console Hardware Requires More Software Optimization

Microsoft’s DirectX gaming API is one of the main and very important tool for those video game developers who bring their multiplatform video game titles to PC, and while the upcoming much awaited next iteration known as DirectX 12 will obviously be a major upgrade in PC software field, it will also be fairly essential, and probably a “game changer” for Microsoft’s Xbox One, according to several video game developers and the company itself. Simplygon programmer, however, thinks that that DirectX 12 will rather have more indirect benefits for the Xbox One.

DirectX 12 Will Indirectly Allow Xbox One to Push More Objects - Games Will Need More Optimization Due to Budget Grade Console Hardware

In past times after the reveal of Microsoft’s DirectX 12 API and the good stuff that it will bring to PC platform as well as Xbox One, we have seen a lot of analysts, third-party video game developers and programmers, and even Microsoft itself talking about the advantages and upgrades that the upcoming collection of application programming interfaces will offer for the company’s Xbox One console. It is as if the solution of all the 1080p resolution-gate issue depends on how DirectX 12 works out for the latest console.

Video game developers will benefit at least a little from DirectX 12gaming API on Xbox One, if not more, but programmers who provide tools for game development also have an important role in availing the latest software’s offerings. To know how DirectX 12 will affect the work of programmers on the Xbox One and how will it possibly improve the level of detail in Xbox One and PC video games, GamingBolt talked to Martin Ekdal, the co-founder of Simplygon.

Simplygon is a pre-processing tool that helps in optimizing the level of details in video games automatically. The tool works to improve in-game level of detail by automatically optimizing 3D game content instead of leaving the need of sorting it out manual. Simplygon is a great technology, and it has been used in several upcoming triple A games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Star Citizen. Clarifying that there won’t be any direct benefits for Simplygon, Martin explained how DirectX 12 will indirectly help Xbox One to push more objects. He said:

“As Simplygon is a preprocessing tool, we won’t see any direct benefits from DirectX 12.”

“The indirect benefits are that developers will be able to push more objects, and these objects will need optimization. It will change the landscape somewhat, while also adding more difference between the video consoles and PCs, with more need for optimizations on video consoles, as these are already on “budget” grade hardware, compared to high-end PCs.”

It is still quite unsure if DirectX 12 will be a major “game changer” for the Xbox One console or if it will offer nothing more than a normal boost. Either way, optimizing software equally and smoothly on the basis of the available options is very important as well as a necessary task, and video games need a lot of optimization on consoles, just as mentioned.

What do you think about Microsoft’s upcoming DirectX 12 API and its implementation on the Xbox One console and PC? Let us know in the comments below.

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