PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Christmas Offers – Confirmed Holiday Stock

Rafia Shaikh

As Christmas is coming nearer, consumers are finding it hard to find the latest Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One in stock. Here are a few places where you can get confirmed stock of Xbox One and PS4 before Christmas.

Sony's PlayStation 4 was released last month reporting a huge one million sale within the first 24 hours. Yesterday, Microsoft claimed selling 2 million Xbox One units in the first 18 days of launching the gaming console. Quite impressive but huge disappointments for consumers who are unable to find the consoles in stock.

Xbox One Best Buy bundles:xbox one best buy

Best Buy is offering confirmed delivery by Christmas eve on its Xbox One stock. You can select your bundle from the available Xbox One Best Buy offers. Best Buy bundles also seem much more reasonable than many others:

  • Xbox One with (extra) Controller – $559
  • Xbox One with Call of Duty: Ghosts – $559
  • Xbox One Bundle with 12 Month Xbox Live Membership – $529 – $30 Savings
  • Xbox One Bundle with Controller + 12 Month Xbox Live – $589 – $30 Savings
  • Xbox One Bundle with Controller, Call of Duty: Ghosts, 12-Month Xbox Live – $649 - $30 Savings

You might find the Xbox One Best Buy deal with 12 months of Xbox Live membership best in terms of savings as it is an essential accessory for most of Xbox One users.

PlayStation 4 at Walmart:

If you are looking forward to get PlayStation 4 before Christmas, Walmart is claiming to have confirmed stock. Walmart has announced that on December 15 at 8 am it will start selling PS4 units. Walmart reports it has received largest shipment of PS4 across the country.

Visit your local Walmart this Sunday from 8am and get one PS4 for yourself at $399.

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